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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Design, Rigging & Animation

Thought I'd just post some thoughts on some stuff that came up this weekend. I started rigging the star trek geek from my short... I got to a point where I had the body rigged (in its most basic form) and ready to be animated. Its really important to get to a point where you can start testing the animation before flushing out weighting, facial setup, details controls...etc. I did a basic walk cycle and the first thing I ran into is that his feet were just too big for such short legs and it meant that anytime I lifted his feet and tried rotating around his ankles I'd intersect his legs. So I went back, sized them down, quickly re-rigged the leg setup and replaced reference in my animation (If you dont use some kind of referencing in your pipeline, you really should!). Needless to say, it worked much better. Anyway, the point that I'm making is A. Make sure your pipeline allows for design changes after animation tests B. get stuff down the pipe and tested as quick as possible with the least amount of time invested so you can see problems and make the changes. Its impossible to account for all problems from the get go, so a flexible pipeline is incredibly important.

Here are some basic tools that really help me with that:

  • Quick rig scripts that let me setup basic structures (arms, legs...etc)
  • Save/Load weights tool, so I can detach the skinning, make changes and rebind (even if point order changes).
  • Orientation importer/exporter.. lets me change joint position and will maintain joint orientation (obviously the general orienation is preserved, in terms of what is the aim and up vector, but as the joint moves this stuff has to change). As long as the aim and up is correct, your animation will be preserved pretty well.
  • Animation/Import export tool... lets me copy stuff in and out of different places really quickly.
There is obviously a bunch more I could do with, but this stuff is what I'm using right now.

That's it for now... I got some new art I'm working on that I'll post soon!


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