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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Some more thoughts...

So I was thinking a bit about the rigging process again... instead of just typing a bunch of stuff, I figured I'd also post a pic... so here you go before I start rambling (its just a quick snap of where the rig is currently at)... Quick shout out to Dan Barker for some of his top notch advice...:

Its interesting, I was thinking a little about how most TD's (Riggers) and Animators that I've spoken to seem to not really work well together or get along. As I'm working on my short, I'm thinking about this and find it really hard to understand how that is the case. If I was just the TD on this character and not the animator, then I'd rig the character and pass it off to somebody else to animate.... if all goes well, then I'd probably get a few requests here and there and then the animator would pretty much go off and bring the character to life. So the point I'm really making is that I would never have to actually animate the rig. Okay, so with this in mind, why would TD's be so attached to how something would work that they will never be using? It seems like the majority of conflict between TD's and Animators is when animators request something and the TD doesnt necessarily feel like it should be added... this can be understandable, I have these issues at work sometimes, as a TD you obviously cant please everybody and there is deadlines and things that need to get done, but I would think that the most functional relationship an animator would have in production would be with the TD and vica-versa ... they should be able to sit down, discuss the pro's and cons and figure out if the solution will save the animator more time than it will take to implement. In a nutshell, I guess what I'm saying is a rig is only as good as the animators say... it can have crazy technical solutions, but if the animators dont like it, you've failed... so listen to the animators and collaborate.

Luckily I really have this kind of relationship with our lead animator Jeremy Yates... even if he's always trying to make me a good person :)



sunnyc said...

hey judd.. nice design.. u have.. cant wait to see your rig test...

i noticed your clav position is more anatomical coming from sternum.. any pro's with it.

i personally find using mid way better for tonny character.. but.. the again..

keep up..
great work..

judd said...

Hey sunnyc,

I mostly place it there for more accurate deformation in the clavicle and then I maintain a good shape in the back using a scapula joint... this is my general rule in more anatomical stuff, but for stylized it probably wont matter as much. I try to make sure I can modify the joints at any given time without it being destructive so I can test things like pivoting positions out without getting locked into it. In a major production this is a little harder.


bill(y) said...


please let me know when you're ready for animation on this stuff. i want desperately to have at least one shot. now limit on complexity or number of characters. while it will admittedly take me a while because of restraints on my time...it would be a great pleasure(and honor) to contribute to this short.

happy new year!

judd said...

Hey Billy,

Thanks dude, I appreciate the offer! I'll definitely hit you up as I get a little further into it. I've still got a ways to go and I'll be working mostly on storyboards next, but I'll keep posting my progress, so you'll be the first to know when things are "animatable" (if thats a word :) )


ironjellypants said...

"It seems like the majority of conflict between TD's and Animators is when animators request something and the TD doesnt necessarily feel like it should be added..."

too true, in my opinion I feel every TD should have a since of animation, rigs from TD's who animate and the ones from those who don't, there is considerable difference between the feel of the rig.

my 2 cents.