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Friday, January 2, 2009

Arm Rig Video Example


Disclaimer: None of the weighting/deformations are final. I'm just showing functionality, so the geometry will probably look weird in certain places/poses.

Here's a vid of the arm rig at work ( I know its kinda long, but I havent figured out how to speed things up in iMovie yet)... just to explain it all a little: There are 2 main things going on. One is the stretchy IK arm and the other is a bezier spline based node I wrote that allows you to have bezier curves (just like the graph editor) in the viewport. So for the stretchy IK stuff, its basically taking all the functionality that would be setup with a lot of nodes and transforms and basically turned into one custom API node. The great thing about this, is its really easy to update and not worry about all these connections and nodes, its really fast and its very managable. So some of the things it does is, toggle automatically calculate volume, stretch multiplier, volume multiplier, locking the elbow or knees down, plus a few other custom controls that are more fine level stuff...

The bezier spline node is pretty cool in that you can add more key points to it (I wouldnt do this in the arm and its not demonstrated here), but it functions exactly like a curve would in the graph editor, so for a tail rig that stuff would work great. It basically has a main "key" point and then "tangent" points that come off of that. It then generates a curve that you can attach anything to. This is also a node that computes all this stuff really quickly and keeps things pretty clean.

I had a bunch of this stuff working as C++ plugins and decided to re-write them as python API plugins so that I can distribute this stuff without worrying about OS and version dependencies. I do intend on giving all of this stuff out for free once I'm done with my film.


hercules said...

Looking great, I especially love the fact that you can lock the elbow. I always have issues using spline IK in regards to twisting and up vectors etc. A friend of mine is built a system that uses multiple curves using pointCurveConstraint to weld them together using one as the up vector. Works really well for stretch and rubberbanding but you can only setup it up using mel. Any change of posting the plug for us the mess with ? Great work

judd said...

Hey Hercules, I'll be posting the stuff at a later stage, but not right away. I've still got to iron out things and actually use it in a production setting (the film)... Once I'm done with the film, I intend on giving out the rigs and all the tools... I just cant give out the rig until the film is done. So it might still be a while. In the meantime feel free to hit me up with any questions... most of this stuff is possible without plugins, its just not as fast and manageable.

Andimation said...

Nice to see some of the stuff you have been working Judd.

Nice setup. So how are you dealing with the twisting along the curve. Just using vectors/matrices to calculate the angles or something more fancy?

judd said...

Hey Andy,

I'm basically use the dot product between selected vectors on certain controls that I disperse down the arm.

Email me if you need me to go a little more into detail... I'll maybe also post something about that on the blog.

sunnyc said...

hi judd awesome stuff... just cant wait to see the final result..

the coustom api stuff you built is on pythonApi or C++.. i specially like the part when you tweaked roundness from elbow its coming out neat..

keep up good work


judd said...

This particular stuff is done with the python API... for the most part they are the same things... just different languages, but the API is still accessing Maya's API, so you're dealing with the same libraries and principles.

TM said...

Great stuff...
It reminds me of a powerful tool in Max that I've always wanted in Maya.
When you turn on plotted keys in Max you can select all the plotted keys in 3D which is great for correcting IK arcs and repositioning in 3D space without having to visualize the fCurves...

pmlomb said...

Seriously awesome stuff Judd! Looking forward to seeing your short film and the free tools!
You are very skilled and serve as an inspiration, keep on keepin' on.