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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! I started on another character... I try to switch it up between tech and art stuff and I was doing a little too much tech stuff, so I decided to get a head start on this guy and just rough out a sculpt in clay. I kept it pretty loose and sketchy, cause I really only need this sculpt as a reference point for how the 2d design will translate into 3d and the finessing will get done on the CG model. Also, I opted to just do the head cause I felt like his body was pretty straight forward... I'll probably do a full body one at a later stage, but for now this will suffice for me to get it started in 3d.


Anonymous said...

What a cool character.you sculpt as well?

Josh DiCarlo said...

I've been an admirer of your technical work for a long time now, I had no idea you were also such a talented artist. These characters are great! I can't wait to see more progress on your short.