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Saturday, January 31, 2009


I gotta admit, I feel kinda dumb for never discovering this before, but I figured maybe I'm only somewhat dumb and that other people might have encountered this before, so I decided to post it anyway.... plus I haven't updated my blog in a while :(

Alright, so I'm animating some stuff and playblasting to fcheck... the image sequence loads really quickly and plays back at 24fps. Now, a few days later I decide to do some test renders... I change my image format to tga, tiff or jpg (depending on what I wanna do). I render out a sequence, save my scene and enjoy how awesome renders look. A day later I reopen my scene, make some animation changes and playblast... The image sequence takes FOREVER to cache in fcheck. Obviously once it caches it plays back at 24fps, but I gotta wait again for it to cache. I dont get it.... this stuff loaded fine a few days ago.... okay, so what changed?!! I set my render globals to tga's! Yes, render globals... not playblast globals :) I had no idea this affected your playblast format. Anyway... I thought okay, I'll change it to jpgs... they have to be quick... but nope, no luck. So obviously I went back to default which is .iff's. That was it!

So after all of that, the bottom line is.... set your image format in your render globals to .IFF when playblasting!

If this is common knowledge, please let me know so I can delete this post before someone from Naughty Dog reads this and decides maybe I shouldn't be solving technical problems :) ..hehehe

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