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Monday, April 27, 2009

Face Rig Video


Here's a sneak peak at the facial rig... I havent had much time to take it further, but I think its heading in the right direction. As some of my colleagues (Rich in particular!) have pointed out there are some volume issues that I still need to sort out.



Alec said...

Nice start!
For volume issues, a set of blendshapes driven by your face controls might be a good option. Based on how far away from it's neutral position is and the vector, each control can drive specific blendshapes specific to a range of vector values.
It could be pretty quick to solve, too, since vector math is very efficient in all software packages I've tried.

Anonymous said...

very good. i like. volume issue aside. south africa make good biscuit called judd. i read blog because it good. make more drawing it make me happy.

ironjellypants said...

Quick question about your jaw, its hard to see in the video, is the rotating when you pull the jaw controller to the side or is it a single chain IK kind of thing going on?