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Monday, April 27, 2009

free stretchy IK plugin

Hey! So here is a python plugin that just simplifies creating a stretchy IK arm/leg setup.

You can download it HERE

This video is a basic demo of how it works... I know the text is ridiculously small and it was stupid that I even recorded it... sorry :) I've attached an image so you can see the attributes that I'm talking about. There is also a readme.txt file in the zip.

Also, on a side note, I've named things elbow and upper_arm, but you can just rename that to upper_leg and knee for a leg setup.

It's not super tight in terms of being packaged as an easy to use tool, so hit me up if you have any problems.

On one more side note... my voice really cant be that nasally... that has to be compression!!! :)



Andy Phillips said...

Cool. I will check it out later. Does it handle hyper extention?

BTW - I am more intrigued by your bezier curve plugin. I keep meaning to message you about it.

sunnyc said...

wow, that really nice..i am diggging in more. as am writing..
do u think there is speed issues with node implemented in maya python api vs cpp api.

judd said...

Andy, what do you mean by hype extension?

There are speed issues depending on what you're doing, but for something like this the speed wouldn't be an issue at all.

Andy Phillips said...

I mean does it ease into the stretch to fix ik popping.

judd said...

The very nature of stretchy IK would sort of ease the popping, but ultimately popping is really only prevented from the animators easing in and out of the pose to prevent the popping. There is no specific function in the IK plugin itself that does this though.

ironjellypants said...

What decisions motivated you to scale the joint in stead of translating?

tewilson said...
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3ds.mad said...

Not able to download :-(