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Sunday, April 19, 2009

some bad guy designs

Here are some more designs... I just started out with some heads to get a feel for the character. We are picking which one of these we like the most, so if you want, comment on which one(s) you like.



Katon said...

I like the guy on the bottom right, he seems the most villianess and the others would be more supporting roles. But then I guess it would depend on his role and his character in the story that would help with deciding. Top right comes in second for me.

judd said...

cool man, thanks! That's very similar to what we were saying.

BTW, I had some issues with my papers, so I'm not sure that I'm gonna be able to make the World Cup... you might wanna just organize that stuff without me.

Maulik said...

These are great. I just wanted to drop a line saying you are very talented and I am a little jealous that your both sides of the brain are powerful.

judd said...

Hey Maulik,

Thanks for the kind words!

Madudu said...

i cant get enough of yr designs..ooh my God you are so talented...