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Monday, June 29, 2009

color script 01


So after being super-inspired by some of the lighting in UP and the simplicity of their color scripts, I embarked on creating the first color script for my short. It was fun playing around with light in such a simplistic manner and it really helped set the tone for what I want to achieve in CG. I'm really learning that its the idea that matters in concept, not the details. It can be super simple, but if it conveys all the appropriate information it serves its purpose.

I know this is not much, but thought I'd post it anyway.


andrewQuintiliani said...

Found your blog through Bryan's, or Brainzy apparently. Really cool stuff, especially the animations on the Montanna Max looking kid.

judd said...

Hey Andrew,

Thanks man! I've been pretty bad about posting lately, but I have a bunch of stuff I want to add soon.