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Saturday, August 8, 2009

New IK Posing Tool


So I haven't posted much since we've been pretty crazy at working trying to wrap up on Uncharted 2...I just finished up this tool recently that I thought I'd share.

It might be a little confusing from the video, but basically you always have the FK controls selected and you're always keying them. So in essence you're never actually in IK. This just lets you pose and FK arm with an IK tool/context.

Let me know if you got any questions....



C.Fram said...

I have a question...where do I get a copy of this yummy new toy to try out???

judd said...


I'll probably be posting it as soon as I get my new webpage up and running... I just need to use it a little more in production to iron out some issues. I definitely intend on putting online for free though.

Count Zr0 said...

kewl. love to see how you did this man.

Renato Polimeno said...

looks like a pretty good tool for fast posing/animating.

what is the trick ?
track the position (XYZ) values and pass it for rotations (euler XYZ) ?


tseegii said...

very nice.I really wanna see your page.

Maulik said...

This is a very clever idea. How do you assign the controllers to context tool and manipulate pole vector?