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Saturday, February 20, 2010

60 min speed sculpt

I decided to try taking a little longer on one, so I went for 60 mins on this while taking a break from some other stuff... It's definitely way better working on my Cintiq at home than on my Intuos at work... maybe ND will get me a Cintiq just so I can speed sculpt :)


rememberFace said...

Hey Judd,

I see you've moved from muscle plug ins to sculpting! Nice work too.

I emailed you through cgmuscle.com asking for the maya 32 bit version of the cgmuscle plugin. I used it many years ago and created a rig with it which isn't working anymore. I'd like to get it from you somehow cause I can't find it anywhere!



Bryan Wynia said...

Looking good! We gotta get back to these exercises again this week.

Oliver Snyders said...

Hey Judd!

I don't know if this is an obvious question or not, but are these sessions (which are awesome!) done in ZBrush? Or does Maya have sculpting abilities?

I'm super out of the loop on the capabilities of the packages now a days!

Also, as a knee-jerk recommendation, would you go for a Cintiq or Intuos tablet, or is it more complicated than that? I'm not 'in the market' for one on the minute, but I want to start comparing devices, because choosing the wrong one can be rather... costly. ;)

Looking forward to seeing more speed sessions and other side projects!

Jason said...

You are just waaaaaay tooo talented!! Come back to SA!! :)

Anonymous said...

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christophe desse said...

freaking cool
le maitre de maya like this a lot !!!