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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Speed Sculpts

I haven't posted in a while, so I figured I'd put these up.... a super awesome collegue and my sculpture workshop roomy Bryan Wynia (check out links) came up with this awesome idea to do 30 min speed sculpts at work. Each day someone picks a topic and we all have to sculpt that topic in 30 minutes. Really great idea and its such a cool learning process to see everybody's individual take on the same idea... Anyway, so I am not very good at digital sculpting and most of my sculpting has been traditional so I was very uncomfortable at first and had a hard time, but its getting a lot better and I'm feeling more confident and comfortable. Most of these are done in 30 mins and then for the mohawk one, I spent another 25mins because I was matching Adam Ford's awesome centaur concept! I'll be sculpting his design in a traditional workshop I'm taking, so this was just a quick exercise to explore the design...



LichiMan said...

I like them a lot! What do you begin with? a sphere? something like mudbox face primitive?
Really nice models :)

judd said...

Cool, thanks! We just start off with a very simple base mesh that Bryan created (pretty much the same thing as the face primitive that mudbox has)...