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Saturday, March 20, 2010


So I just got back from an awesome week in SF! I got to give 3 autodesk presentations and 1 GDC talk which seated +- 800 people. It was intimidating but really fun! I also got to take a trip to Pixar thanks to my buddy Rich and then attended a 1 week sculpting course with Andrew Cawrse and Damon Bard. Here are some pics of Pixar, GDC and the sculpt I did at the workshop. The character design is based on Adam Ford's Centaur and this piece is a study that was worked on by myself and the 2 instructors (Damon and Andrew), so I dont take full credit for it. I learned an insane amount from them and cant wait to start on my next piece!

The pic of me with Oogway is obviously the maquette done for Kung Fu Panda by Damon Bard. He's ridiculously talented!!

The pic of the people in the crowd is one side of the room while I was on stage doing the GDC presentation.


Mclean's Campaign said...

hey dude, its Cameron the british student, just wanted to say thanks for the advice you and rich gave at GDC, it was priceless, we tried sneaking into your presentation but got busted by the green tshirt police :(, dude ure real life sculpts are sick!!!

ironjellypants said...

Really nice sculpture!

Dominic Piché said...

Those sculptures are trully awsome. Love the design and pose to them. Really impressive stuff over here.