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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Slides from our GDC 2010 Talk

Here is a link to the slides from our (Rich and I) GDC talk...


Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions!


Anonymous said...

The PDS doesen't work :(

Judd Simantov said...

try doing a save-target-as... let me know if that works?

tewilson said...

Along with geometry LODs did you use skeleton LODs? Did the 97 facial joints include the hair? And all animation was done on the facialNode using the channelBox?

Very impressive and informative! Thanks for sharing.

Bryan Wynia said...


Anonymous said...

So where exactly(geographic location) do you work and do you ever still work\visit south africa?

Judd Simantov said...

sorry for the late replies...
I live in Los Angeles / Santa Monica and I do visit SA, at least once a year.

We didn't use any skeleton LOD's and the 97 joints did include the hair. The facial node handles all the storing of the poses...etc and then the channel box attributes is just a way for the animators to the node... they just get connected to the node.

hercules said...


Great work, any chance of doing a presentation here in Joburg ?

Del "D-Y-D" said...

Thanks for putting these up Judd!
I got a job by the way, :)

Your advice was sooo valuable.


Judd Simantov said...


I will definitely do one next time I'm in joburg... I just dont get too many requests from SA. I actually just got back from doing a presentation in Japan, it was really fun!


Congrats man, glad we were able to help! Where did you get a job?

tewilson said...

Some colleagues and I were having a debate of what was the driving force for Uncharted 1 and 2, did game play drive story or story drive game play and which is more important and am curious your what your thoughts might be.


charleslooker said...

Hi Judd,

With the three skeletons game, animation and mocap. Would animations get exported from the animation or game skeleton? And if from the game would it get 'baked' onto the animation rig at export?

Was facial animation handled in the toolset or maya?

Awesome stuff btw.


judd said...

hey, sorry guys, I dont check this very often so forgive me for taking so long to respond... (I should setup some auto email notification when someone writes a comment)

tewilson: to answer your question, actually we really try to keep them constantly in-line. So neither one is more or less important, they both inform each other and we're constantly iterating on each to keep them both as strong as possible. Not sure its available anywhere, but Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann actually did a presentation at GDC this year on this exact topic.

Charles: The final game skeleton is what get's exported... I can't talk much about how our export pipeline works, but it's probably not too different from how much export pipelines work.

Facial was all done through Maya...

Let me know if you got any other questions ;)