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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Interview I did a while back


So I did a full interview that was part of a bigger interview of multiple people. The full interview is posted on its own and you can go check it out here:


Please ignore the profile picture of me... :)


mattanimation said...

After reading this, I wonder, are you still going to switch over to feature films? Start your own studio since you basically are your own pipeline :P. When are you gonna make a DVD on your facial rigging process? I got some money for that.

Judd Simantov said...

I'm returning to SA, so I'm definitely not gonna switch to feature. I will probably start my company back there and part of that might actually involve learning material. Especially now that I know I have one customer! :)

Thanks dude!

Oliver Snyders said...

Wah? You're returning to South Africa? That's big news! You won't join up with another existing company? Or continue with game development?

Sorry about using that picture of you in the article - it was the best one I could find! ;)

All the best,

- Oliver